Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Hunger Games

Yes, I took my baby daughter to the movies. And not just to any movie, but to The Hunger Games. When you have two babies, going to the movies is a very, very rare occasion, which normally takes planning. However this time it wasn't planned. Rodge was able to look after Osc, but I hadn't expressed any milk for little Nora, so I took her with me. She was very quiet, just slept and breastfed. Parts of the movie were pretty loud, but I kept her wrapped, with her ears covered. We marked the event with a (promptly framed) photobooth photo.

I was eager to see The Hunger Games because it is our bookclub book for this month. I was tentative to read it, I thought I might find it too emotional. I was also worried it was a little hardcore for a new mum to be reading about children being forced to hunt each other. It did get a bit full on. Many tears were shed, but it was also addictive and I find myself thinking about buying the second in the series.

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