Friday, May 18, 2012

Flowers for Friday: Camellias

Autumn light.

I take so many photos of flowers and gardens, that I thought that I should reserve them for Fridays, to save my blog being overloaded. But they are beautiful aren't they? More flowers next Friday!


  1. These are gorgeous!!
    Brand new follower here - totally loving your digs!
    Happy Weekend x

  2. I love discovering lovely new blogs! And yours is lovely. I like flowers too!!

  3. I'm a Flowers for Friday type of girl too! What a lovely little street to walk along and literally smell the roses! Those camellias are gorgeous! I too am a new follower and I'm looking forward to looking at your lovely photos and reading your little blog! Have a lovely weekend! Love Kelly x

  4. Beautiful blossoms & lovely light.

  5. Hi Imogen, I adore taking photos of flowers and trees also. So much beauty to be captured, in so many ways. Your pics here are just lovely.
    Pleased to find your beautiful blog here, on a bloghop over from The Beetle Shack. Look forward to following your journey from here on xo

  6. Lovely blog! Thanks for dropping past mine, too. I'm just going to tootle off and read your archives :)