Wednesday, May 30, 2012

¡Feliz Cumpleaños Abuela!

It is so tricky to get a good photo of Abuela (spanish for grandma) as she is always on the move. Hence, when we get a chance, we take many. Today she turns 87. She is a joker, a cook and a crochet-queen. She likes a little tipple (whisky is essential to stay warm), and a good card game. I think, although he'd never admit it, she is Rodge's* best-friend. No-one makes him laugh like she does.

She is a mother of two, grandmother of three and great-grandmother of four. She is the lady my daughter is named after.

You can also find photos of her here and here.
*Rodge is my partner and her only grandson.


  1. i love this series of photos. she looks like a friendly warm person to be around. happy birthday to her. what a wonderful age. xo

  2. Oh she is beautiful Imogen! A gorgeous series of candid snaps, that really capture that personality you describe. Happy Birthday to your lovely Abuela! xo