Tuesday, April 24, 2012


How beautiful are the two light fittings above? (Photographed on the smokey ashey floor of our yet to be cleaned house). And how fortunate am I to have a friend that was giving them away – just as I was realising that I had a house in which every room needed a new light fitting. I have also realised that I don't particularly like new light fittings, for me to like a light it has to be at least 20 years old! So I am very lucky to have received the two beauties above.

The pink chandelier will go in Nora's room and the green light will be best in the study nook. 

I'm considering getting another chandelier the same as Nora's (there is one more available) for our bedroom ... just really not to sure if it is a little frilly for me. If I was to put it in our bedroom I'd source different coloured crystal drops, maybe a smokey quartz colour, for a more sophisticated look. I'm also considering this cheap option from Ikea but I'm worried I might get sick of it really quickly. Hmmm ...

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