Thursday, April 19, 2012


At the moment I am obsessed with pink. I don't know why, I was never a girly, girly girl. My mum, despite having 3 daughters and no sons never dressed us exclusively in pink. I remember lots of navy and red and purple and orange and green from my childhood wardrobe, but honestly not much pink. Nor did I ever have a pink bedroom. Our walls were a cheery yellow.

Yet now, when choosing colours for my house, I am drawn to pink. I want a strong pink front door and  warm pale pink hallway.

We recently visited a discount tile place to choose new tiles for our bathroom. I honestly thought I'd choose a deep and practical grey, but found I didn't like the texture of any in stock. Luckily I stumbled across some small, heavily discounted, pale pink square tiles in the back room. Decision made, our bathroom would have a blush pink floor.

At top are some pretty pink images from pinterest which are fueling the obsession, I've put the links to their original sources below.

Top   1. from Poppytalk   2. fairy floss pink alfalfa by tiel*sk   3. magnolia wreath from oliveaux   4. pink moth from chailatte please tumblr   5. stoney fabric found on Aym's world   6. from amuse bouches tumblr   

Bottom   1. Nora Heysen, Souvenir Roses 1979 from Eva Breuer   2. hot pink headboard from Johnny Vintage on etsy   3. crayon hearts from Martha Stewart   4. sketchbook series by Lauren Tamaki from Book by its Cover   5. from pink lemonade design   6. blush pink bathroom from decora tu alma

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  1. What a gorgeous photo montage. Since having my daughter I'm on a bit of a pink tirade (lets call it 'disney princess pink' tirade). My personal little rant against shops that only stock girls clothes and toys in pink. I love looking at 70's photos of my childhood where I wore every colour under the rainbow. Despite having said all that, I do love the colour and it definitely has it's place..especially in decorating.