Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Grey weather = bulb shopping!

It is wet in Sydney. Very wet. I took the above photos on our balcony, just to show you how wet it is.

Today is my Oscar free day, he is spending time with his very loved Abuela. I had planned on going to the nursery and choosing some bulbs for our new garden. I know I don't live there yet, but the thought of spring flowers would make the place so much more cheery. But going out in all that rain with my sleepy 3 week old little Nora just didn't seem right. So I've ordered some online. By the time they get here hopefully the weather will have cleared and I'll have made a space for them in the front yard.

I've bought pink and red anemones and pink bluebells. So excited as they'll be so beautiful. I hope they grow, I always admire gardens, but haven't really had much experience myself. Wish me luck!

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  1. That is some view from your balcony. Fingers crossed for a little bit of sunshine over the next few days to catch up on washing! You have such beautiful photography on your blog. I will be sure to visit again!