Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baby boy names

My son, Oscar Graeme Ignatius at only a couple of weeks old

I LOVE checking out birth announcements and with a baby due at the end of March, I've been perusing the pages again. My favourite place to look is in the UK Telegraph. I especially love the fact that so many of the parents choose two middle names. Here are some of the recent beauties people have named their new sons –

Alfie Oscar Gerald

Archie Benjamin Oscar

Arlo Ted Lucas

Atticus Edward Samuel

Cosmo Seymour Victor

Crispin Giles Lancelot

Felix Oscar Jack

Frederick Wyndham Clunie

Horatio Frederick Colin

Inigo ('Iggy') Edward Fawkes

Louis Zulu St John

Rudyard Francis Basil

Wilfred Cameron Brodie

Other names that caught my eye include Otto, Milo, Montague, Eyre, Maximo and Garnet.

My list for boys includes –
Greenhalgh (a family name, could be used in the middle)
Horace (after my grandad)
Ruben (my partner's name)

Not entirely sure which I'll choose and in what combination. I'm a little concerned that most of the names I choose for boys are two syllables, I think I need something with three syllables in there somewhere.

I'll post my girls name list later – but be warned it is much, much longer!

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