Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In our backyard

We have the first successful broccolis emerging and a lovely crop of coriander but little else. I have two laundry tubs waiting to be filled with herbs, a narrow empty garden bed (which I have no idea what to do with) and some irises in plastic pots.

I'm in need of some inspiration.

What are your favourite herbs to grow? What wonderful edible plant should I put in next?

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Because, you know, Oscar turned four. Which called for two family filled parties (but only one and a half cakes). And far too much spoiling. Now, I think I need to go to bed to recover.

ps I liked this list - not that it was followed for Osc!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Documented

I started ANOTHER blog. Craziness. Why on earth would I do that when I don't even update my current one?

It won't replace this poor neglected space. It is a separate project. Photography. Rather seriously titled The Documented. I know 99% of you are awesome photographers, so I was going to keep this private. I'm just learning.

My younger sister, Celeste, is studying fine art photography at uni and she is an absolutely brilliant photographer. She is one of those people who is not only passionate about images and creating them, but she is meticulous when it comes to the technical side of cameras. She reads the manuals kind of passionate. She loves it all.

So she's passing snippets of her knowledge onto me.

I started the blog to help me practice taking photos on manual settings daily. Today is day thirteen of the project. Not sure how long the project will last, but so far it is going strong.

If you'd like to see a snippets of my perfectly imperfect days, including far too many photos of flowers and my children, then feel free to peruse.

Monday, July 14, 2014


I disappeared from here for awhile. Partly because I felt like it. Partly because my computer died. And partly just because.
I did however spend a bit of time thinking about blogs. What I like about them.

Some, I like their humour. Others their honesty. And others still, their sheer beauty. Mine isn't humorous. My honesty will only ever be partial - cause really, my ability to describe chaos is limited, and I still live in complete chaos. And sheer beauty ... well let me clean up my chaos first!

Then after all those things there is a crazy little community on here, that is bigger than I realised. And so far, you have all been lovely. With that community, I've discovered blogs filled with all different types of amazing creativity - words, pictures, cooking, music, knitting, painting, sewing, simple creativity in living day-to-day life. Inspiring. I love that.

So, from now on, I will try and use this space to feed my creativity. Sure, I'm certain some months I'll only post photos of my kidlets, but I want to also record any projects, ideas, inspirations. Glimmery, shimmery wonderful things.

But before the creativity starts, here are some recent catch up pics of my chaos.

My three, facetiming with Meme. Clean washing waiting to be sorted in the afternoon winter light. Photographing the accumulated mess rather than cleaning it.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014 

Iris – she makes her way into the bathroom at least once a day, which leads me to proclaiming "Iris, what are you doing in the bathroom?" and Oscar laughing hysterically.
Nora – barefoot in the rain, holding a dandelion on an afternoon walk.
Oscar – "Mummy sit beside me," he said. He wanted to watch the boys playing ball. So we did.

Last week I enjoyed – Bagl and his daffodils, Addie concentrating, Poppet and Sprocket's laughter and my sister playing catchup with my niece Ottilie.

Joining in with Jodi.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


March was massive. Really. Birthdays, weddings, weekends away, sunshine, rain. We had it all.

1. Zinnias. At my cousin's kitchen tea.
2. Blenheim beach, down south. That's Rodge, Nora and Uncle Joe on the rocks exploring.
3. Heading to the wedding at Paperbark Camp.
4. These guys aren't shy. In our front yard.
5. New shoes and sparkly nails. Wow. This is a pretty big deal.
6. My sister Amy on her birthday. Apologies to my other sis Tess, I slept through your party.
7. Osc and I baked Margaret Fulton's rich chocolate fudge cake. It was delicious.
8. Who gave Nora an icecream?
9. Her big girl bed.
10. I burnt Nora's birthday cake. It was a disaster! Luckily her Abuela arrived with the most amazing layered Mexican jelly cake.
11. Tea at Amelia's house.

Linking with Em.

Monday, March 31, 2014


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014 

What a big week!

Iris – we've finally moved Iris into the cot. Here she is, in her new room. She's just dropped her babushka, hence the shocked look.
Nora – her birthday morning called for fluffy skirts, crowns and umbrellas.
Oscar – atop Papa's ute watching a truck remove a skip bin.

Last weeks favourite, brand new Aubrey and his proud big brother Ellery.

Joining in with Jodi.